What our customers say...

  • "ProTech's strong suit is its thorough, personalized approach. They interview you carefully to find out what you want and help you decide what system is best for your needs and budget."

    G. Seymour, Druid Hills
  • "ProTech is concerned about your house. They're perfectionists, great for existing structures. You get first-class service."

    K. Roesch, Inman Park
  • "We've had our system for three years now, and we're very satisfied. They always return your call quickly."

    H. Cohn, Chastain Park
  • "I wanted to design my own system to give me some unique features. Now I've had the system for about four years, and I'm extremely happy with it. I've had several attempted break-ins, and I attribute the fact that I haven't lost anything to the system and its reliability."

    J. Polk, Vinings
  • "We have an old house with plaster walls. ProTech was conscientious about being neat during the installation. Everything was just right. The system does everything they said it would do. I definitely recommend ProTech."

    P.Cheroff, Ansley Park

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